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Vasa Blå - User guide - Connectivity & Pairing

Vasa Blå - User guide - Button controls

Vasa Blå - User guide - Battery levels and management

Vasa Blå - User guide - Download PDF version
Vasa Blå - Features - Tangle-free Cord


Sudio Vasa Blå features a tangle-free cord, so you can spend more time enjoying your favorite music instead of dealing with Gordian knots!

Vasa Blå - FAQ - What to do if Vasa Blå is not charging

If the red light fails to shine when attached to your charger, then there is a chance there could be a battery issue within your earphones, your charging cord, or your charging port.

  • Make sure you are using the charging cable included with Vasa Blå. You can also try using a different micro USB cable if you have one accessible, however we cannot guarantee that all third-party micro USB cables are compatible.
  • Make sure the cable is fully inserted into the earphones and that there is no dust or dirt blocking the port.
  • Try to get power from a different source i.e. laptop USB port or from a wall outlet.

The battery meter on your phone reads in increments of 20%. So it will go from 100, 80, 60, etc.

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