T2 - FAQ - Why am I seeing several Sudio T2 devices in the Bluetooth list?

While pairing Sudio T2 with your device, you may come across several devices in the Bluetooth pairing list, such as "Sudio T2" and "Sudio T2 BLE".

Which device should I select in the list?

The correct device that you should always pair with is Sudio T2 (not Sudio T2 BLE). 

Selecting Sudio T2 BLE won't do any harm to any of your devices, but doing so may result in your earphones not performing as expected.

  • If you select Sudio T2 BLE on an Android device, you may receive an error message stating "An app is needed to use this device".
  • If you select Sudio T2 BLE on a Windows PC, the device may be recognized as a different type of device, such as a wireless keyboard.

In these cases, we recommend that you disconnect/remove the connection, and restart the pairing process. If you want to start over completely fresh, you can restart your device and perform a factory reset on Sudio T2.

I can't find the correct device in the Bluetooth list

The Sudio T2 BLE option most often appears due to previously-stored cache on your device, or that the earphones are not yet ready to pair.

Whenever the earphones are ready, the correct device (Sudio T2) will appear and be ready for pairing. Normally, this takes a few seconds but could at most take up to 1-2 minutes depending on the device.

Keep in mind that Sudio T2 only enters pairing mode when the lid of the charging case is opened, followed by the audio feedback 🔈 Ready to pair, find your Sudio product in the Bluetooth list of your device.

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