Fem - User guide - Factory reset

If the Fem earphones are behaving unexpectedly or no longer pairing, they may have fallen out of sync with each other or with the connected device. To overcome this, perform a factory reset that will restore the earphones back to their original settings. 

How to do it:

  1. Put both earphones inside the charging case.
  2. Disconnect Sudio Fem from all previously connected devices, which is most often done by pressing the "Forget" button.
  3. Lift both earphones from the charging case.
  4. Turn off both earbuds manually by pressing the touch buttons until the red light shines on both.
  5. Press and hold the left earphone button until the LED flashes red and white repeatedly.
  6. Repeat the same step on the right earbud.
  7. Put both earphones back inside the charging case and wait for 10 seconds.
  8. Lift both earphones at the same time from the charging case. Both LED lights will blink separately. When one earbud flashes red and white and the other's light stays dark, they are synced together.

You can now pair Fem with your device again by going into the Bluetooth settings and selecting "Sudio Fem".

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