Fem - User guide - Touch controls

Fem has a touch control button on each earbud that allows you to control certain features on your paired device.


Music/video playback

  • Touch once on either earbud (left or right) to play or pause
  • Touch twice on right earbud to go forward
  • Touch twice on left earbud to rewind
  • Touch three times on right earbud to turn up the volume
  • Touch three times on left earbud to turn down the volume

Incoming phone calls

  • Touch once on either earbud (left or right) to accept or end a phone call
  • Touch (hold) for two seconds on either earbud (left or right) to reject a phone call


Fem powers on and off automatically when the earbuds are taken out or put back inside the case. However, you can also control this without using the charging case.  

  • Touch (hold) for six seconds on either earbud to power off both earbuds (🔈 Power Off)
  • Touch (hold) for six seconds on either earbud to power on a single earbud. (🔈 Power On)

Siri or Google Assistant

  • Touch (hold) for 1 second to activate voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant


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