Ett - Features - Water Resistance Rating (IPX5)

Ett is a device with a level 5 water protection rating, which means that the earbuds are water-resistant. At this level, the earbuds can handle exposure to low-pressure water jet spray. IPX is an official rating that is awarded by an assessment conducted by a third party organization. Ett is also completely sweat-proof and can be used during exercise.

However, for an IPX 5 rating, we would like to communicate that there is no guarantee that the earbuds will remain in full operation after activities like swimming or showering with them.
While the earbuds have IPX5 protection, the charging case is not waterproof. If you touch the charging case with wet hands or put earbuds in the charging case while they are not completely dry, the product might be damaged. Unfortunately, if the earphones are damaged in these cases, they will not be considered a manufacturing defect and will not be eligible for replacement through our warranty.


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