Elva - User guide - Battery levels and management

Elva has one built-in battery in the main body of the earphones.

Charging and play times

The earbuds can be used for approximately 11 hours on one charge, 10 hours if the ANC is on.

The battery takes approximately 120 minutes to fully charge. Sudio Elva also supports quick charge, 15 minutes of charging gives 1 hour of playtime.

Charging methods


The Elva can be charged with a USB-A to C cable included in the packaging. 

You can also charge your Sudio Elva by simply pulling off the part of the control panel which has 3 buttons on, and connecting it directly to your PC or laptop. 

Battery level indicators

When the battery level is low, the LED light indicator on the back of the controller will glow red.

Battery life status will be indicated on your smartphone for iOS and most Android devices. Since phone manufacturers have various Android devices that work differently, you can also download various battery apps on the Google Play Store.

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