Ett - User guide - Care and cleaning

Cleaning your earphones on a regular basis will ensure the best possible sound performance and prevent them from wearing out sooner than expected. 

Use only a slightly damp cloth when cleaning the earbuds and/or case. You can also use a fine brush or cotton swab to gently clean the earbuds and inside the case, avoiding damage to the charging connectors (copper pins). Avoid using alcohol or chemicals, as this can damage the rubber coating on the earbuds and case. In some cases, being exposed to strong sunshine or high heat might alter the form of the silicon material.

Psst, the Sudio Care Kit is ideal for regular maintenance and includes all the tools you need to keep your Sudio earphones in shape!  

Light-colored earphones always need to be treated with a bit of extra care.

Keep in mind that with time, some discoloration may eventually appear. This is most common if the earbuds or charging case continue to come in contact with dirty surfaces or materials over extended periods of time. 

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