A2 - User guide - Battery levels and management

A2 has three built-in batteries; one inside the charging case and one in each earbud. The battery inside the case is used to charge the earbuds, while the included Type-C USB-cable is used to charge the case.

Before using your A2 for the first time

⚠️  Sudio A2 is delivered with a protective film covering the charging connectors between the earbuds and charging case. The film needs to be removed in order for the earbuds to power on.

Charging and play times

The earbuds can be used for approximately 9.5 hours on one charge (6.5 hours while using ANC), with up to 30 hours in total before the case needs to be recharged.

The earbuds take approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge and the charging case 2 hours. 

Charging methods

The A2 case can be charged with a Type-C USB-cable, wireless charging is not supported. We recommend using the Sudio cable included in the package, however, other third-party Type-C USB-cables may be compatible too.

Battery level indicators

There are four LED-lights that indicate the charging cases' and the earbuds' remaining level. The indicating lights are on the front of the case. 

The LED's light up when the earbuds connect and disconnect to the case.

When inserting the charging cable to the case, the blinking light on the case indicates that the case is currently charging. 

In some cases, you can also read the battery level on your phone, such as iPhone or Android devices. The level shown is that of the A2 earbuds, not the charging case.

Charging case and earbuds (no cable inserted)


  • One light: 0-25% battery remaining
  • Two lights: 26-50% battery remaining
  • Three lights: 51-75% battery remaining
  • Four lights: 79-100% battery remaining

Charging case (with cable inserted and charging)


  • First light blinking: 0-25% battery charged
  • Second light blinking: 26-50% battery charged
  • Third light blinking: 51-75% battery charged
  • Fourth light blinking: 76-99% battery charged
  • Four lights shining: 100% battery charged
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