What is covered by the Sudio warranty?

What your warranty covers

The Sudio warranty covers defects and damage that were caused by a production error, even in cases where the defect appears at a later time. If the defect was not there when you received the product or within the first few days of using it, our Service team may need to perform a closer assessment to determine if the defect was caused by a production error.

What your warranty doesn't cover

The Sudio warranty does not cover any defects or damage that was inflicted by you or anyone who has used the product after delivery. Some examples of this are:

  • Damage caused by water or high moisture levels, such as submerging the product in water, putting wet earbuds inside the charging case, exposing the charging ports to moisture, etc. 
  • Damage caused by exposure to extreme temperatures, approximately less than -10℃  and higher than 40℃ depending on the product model.
  • Using the product in any other way than its intended purpose (as described in the documentation inside the product packaging)
  • Damage caused by neglect of the product, such as dirt or earwax collecting on the outside or inside of the product.
  • Theft/loss of the product (or parts of the product) after delivery. 
  • Usual wear and tear, including battery deterioration over time.

If the product was damaged or lost while in transit (between the time you made the purchase and up until the product was delivered to you), please contact us as soon as possible and we will assist you further.

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