Nio - User guide - Battery levels and management

Nio has three built-in batteries; one inside the charging case and one in each earbud. The battery inside the case is used to charge the earbuds, while the included USB Type-C cable is used to charge the case.

⚠️  Sudio Nio is delivered with a protective film covering the charging connectors between the earbuds and charging case. The film needs to be removed in order for the earbuds to charge.

Charging and play times

The earbuds can be used for approximately 5.5 hours on one charge, with up to 20 hours in total before the case needs to be recharged.

Each battery takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge. Also 15 minutes of charging gives 1 hour of playtime.

It takes 150 minutes to charge the earbuds and the charging case from 0% battery. When both the earbuds and the charging case have no battery left, charge the charging case without the earbuds for 15 mins first. Then, put the earbuds back into the charging case to start charging them. This is to prevent Sudio Nio from rebooting in a loop while charging, at which point they will no longer function correctly.

Charging methods

The Nio case can be charged with a USB Type-C cable, wireless charging is not supported. We recommend using the Sudio cable included in the package, however, other third-party USB Type-C cables may be compatible too.

Battery level indicators

There are three LED-lights that indicate the respective batteries' remaining level. The charging case’s indicating light is on the front of the case, below the Sudio logo. The earbuds' indicating lights are below the touch control buttons. The color of LED lights changes depending on how much battery is left.

0% - 25% battery level: Yellow light is on
26% - 100% battery level : White light is on


The LED lights on the earbuds indicate the remaining battery level of the earbuds. The LED lights up when you take them out of the charging case.

When you want to charge your earbuds, simply put them back into the charging case and make sure to check that the LED lights of both earbuds and the charging case start blinking.
You can also check the battery level more specifically on your device.
For iOS devices, you are able to see the battery status on the home screen widget. If you do not have the widget, you can edit home screen settings to add it.
For Android devices, you are able to see the battery icon on the screen, there is also a variety of third-party Android app for reading battery levels on connected devices.

Charging case:
The LED light on the charging case indicates the remaining battery level of the charging case. The LED light will blink when you put the earbuds back into the charging case.

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