What are the differences between Tolv and Tolv R?

Here are the differences between Tolv and Tolv R:

  • Tolv uses a graphene driver while Tolv R uses a dynamic driver.
  • Tolv has a total of 35 hours of playtime while Tolv R has 22 hours.
  • Tolv R has a plastic case while Tolv’s case is coated with a durable rubber coating. 
  • Tolv has a leather string attached to the case while the Tolv R does not, making it vegan-friendly.
  • Tolv R's earbuds are slightly lighter than Tolv’s earbuds. Also, Tolv R's earbuds have plastic buttons while Tolv's earbuds have metal buttons.

Here are the similarities between Tolv and Tolv R:

  • Both Tolv and Tolv R have an auto-pairing function.
  • Multi points for the two models are the same: HFP, A2DP, SBC
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