What are the differences between Tolv and Fem?

Here are the differences between Tolv and Fem:

  • Fem features four microphones that provide ambient noise reduction making calls crisper and clearer, while Tolv only has one microphone in each earbud.
  • Fem features IPX5 sweat/rain/splash protection, while Tolv does not have an IPX rating.
  • Fem has touch control, while Tolv has metal buttons.
  • With one full charge, Fem’s maximum playtime is 6 hours while Tolv’s maximum playtime is 7 hours according to our lab test.

Here are the similarities between Tolv and Fem:

  • Both Tolv and Fem have an auto-pairing function.
  • They both use a graphene driver, which is designed to provide you with an elevated listening experience.
  • The multi-points for the two models are the same: HFP, A2DP, SBC
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